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    Freedom, fairness and safety

    The Australian community prioritises freedom, fairness and safety over political games. We know the power in sharing a vision for alternatives to the current treatment of people seeking asylum and refugees, one that uphold decency and respect for people seeking asylum.

    That is why it is vital for each of us to lead the conversation now.

    The Government is trying to send people who are now firmly part of our community, back to harm on Nauru and Manus Island. We’re talking about people who had to be brought to Australia for medical attention, and have since been living in the community here rebuilding their lives. This includes babies who have been born here, mums with children in school, and men living here in safety after experiencing the horror of Manus Island prison.

    The Government is:

    • issuing ‘final departure’ visas, telling people to go back to Nauru, Manus Island or the countries they’re seeking protection from;
    • cutting off financial support, forcing people to scramble for a job after they’d been denied the right to work for years;
    • evicting people from their homes with only three weeks’ notice.

    Any one of us would be shaken by living with the intimidation of returning to a place that denies safety, while having to suddenly find both a job and home with no financial support.

    The only decent and fair solution is for the government to #LetThemStay.

    Last year, communities across Australia came together and stopped the government’s plans to deport people back to harm. We can, and must, win #LetThemStay again – this time for good.

    Ideas for a vision that upholds our values

    • We must treat people seeking asylum with dignity and respect, not deny them basic support and intimidate them into returning to Nauru and Manus Island where they face danger and an uncertain future.
    • We must #LetThemStay – people living in our community who now have lives here, have experienced unacceptable treatment in detention already, and should have their cases for asylum assessed here while they live in safety.
    • Our government must fairly and efficiently assess people’s applications for asylum here as soon as possible, and grant them permanent (not temporary) protection visas so they can finally rebuild their lives in peace.
    • Our government must quickly resettle people who are still waiting for freedom on Nauru and Manus Island in a safe community so they can get on with their lives.

    If you share our vision for a fairer, better way please help us #LetThemStay. Visit asrc.org.au/letthemstay for more information.

    1. Make a tax-deductible donation to help us house, feed, clothe and support the families and children affected. 
    2. Tell your MPs that their treatment of people seeking asylum is unacceptable and that there’s a better way. 
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