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    Support to rally around Tamil family including two Australian born children, who were forcibly removed from home.

    Support to rally around Tamil family including two Australian born children, who were forcibly removed from home.

    On the morning of 5 March, the quiet Central Queensland town of Bileola (Bilo) woke up at 5am to Australian Border Force detaining and removing their Tamil neighbours of more than four years, Priya, Nades and their two Australian born little girls.

    They were taken to a Melbourne detention centre, then onto Perth and put on a plane to Sri Lanka, where they face targeted violence against Tamil people. Legal proceedings got them off the plane and back to Melbourne where they wait detained and in limbo.

    Their story is a simple but powerful one. People who seek safety in Australia should be treated fairly and with dignity.

    The Bilo community immediately swung into action, starting a petition that has gathered over 80,000 signatures in two weeks which has captured media’s attention.

    The Minister of Home Affairs doesn’t think Priya and Nades’ family deserve our protection but Bilo strongly disagrees and have organised a powerful community movement to get their beloved neighbours back home to Bilo.

    This is a powerful Australian story that is set to challenge and change the policy, for good.

    Priya and Nades’s family were put into the ‘fast track’ process along with thousands of people like them. A fast, flawed legal process to assess their applications for protection.

    There are 30,000 people like Priya and Nades’ family, neighbours, local business employees, volunteers and members of communities all over Australia stuck in the Government’s so called ‘fast track’ process. All of them at risk of sudden deportation or detention.

    They live without a fair legal process, permanent protection and the constant threat of homeless and destitution as the government removes life saving support services.

    The ASRC is supporting the people of Bilo and together we are campaigning to change the policy, for good.

    We are fighting the Government changes that puts thousands at risk of losing life saving support services.

    Fight with us. Take a powerful action inviting the Prime Minister to your home to have a conversation about a supportive, permanent home for our neighbours seeking asylum.

    Take action now

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