• 15 NOV 18
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    There are now twenty two children remaining on Nauru

    The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre confirms that as of today there are now twenty two children remaining on Nauru.

    Jana Favero, Director of Campaigns and Advocacy at the ASRC said while the reduction in numbers was a relief, there should be no children detained on Nauru because it is not safe there for their mental health.

    “After five long years, more children who have been detained on Nauru are being brought to Australia for urgent medical treatment because of rapid deterioration in their health.

    “But 22 children remain detained on Nauru, requiring medical treatment and to start recovering.

    “No child can ever be detained on Nauru.”

    “Offshore detention has made these children sick. We hope they can now begin getting the treatment they need and begin rebuilding their lives.

    “We urge the government to evacuate all children and their families as soon as possible to Australia for proper medical care.”

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