• 09 MAY 19
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    Show mums some love this Mother’s Day

    Show mums some love this Mother’s Day

    This Mother’s Day share the love by giving to our Mother’s Day HAPPY NAPPY Drive.

    Mothers seeking asylum face specific challenges, often living without financial support unable to access basic resources to provide for their children.

    Your donation of nappies helps reduce the strain on mothers seeking asylum and helps mums continue with their daily routines.

    How you can get involved:

    Access to basic necessities like nappies and good quality food is critically important for the physical and mental health of refugees and people seeking asylum. Donating is as easy as shopping at Coles Online, who offer FREE delivery for orders over $50, straight to our Foodbank shelves:

    1. Log in or sign up to Coles
    2. Select ‘Choose a delivery/collection time’ on the right hand side of the screen
    3. Select ‘Choose another collection location nearby’ so you can select the store that delivers donations to the ASRC
    4. Search for ‘Deer Park Vic 3023’ and from the options choose ‘Deer Park Coles Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Donation’
    5. Click on ‘Choose a collection time’
    6. Select ‘Click & Collect’ in the Wednesday 9.00am–11.00am time slot. Choose ‘No bags’
    7. Start shopping!

    The items we recommend for the Mother’s Day ‘Happy Nappy’ drive are:

    • Tooshies by TOM nappies*
    • Huggies Nappies*
    • Or any hypoallergenic nappy*
    • Plus a treat for Mum!

    *we don’t currently need any newborn sized nappies

    Coles Online will collect and deliver all orders to us every Wednesday, for free.


    We’re always in need of staples such as coconut cream, honey and tinned tomatoes. Check out our ASRC Foodbank Facebook page for an up-to-date list of our most needed items.

    To find out how you can donate food and household essentials at any time of the year, including dropping groceries or gift cards to us in Footscray or one of our collection points in Melbourne and Geelong, click here -> Give food and goods.

    About Foodbank:
    – More than 700 people visit Foodbank each week
    – Almost 90% of items are donated
    – In 2017–18, 62% of Foodbank visitors had no income and 41% were children
    – A ‘points’ system ensures people with no income are the highest priority
    – We supplement fresh produce with items grown in our Harvest of Hope market garden

    Thank you for providing practical compassion by getting involved with our Mother’s Day drive for people seeking asylum in our community. We couldn’t do it without you!



    No food. No home. No medical care. This is the reality many people seeking asylum in Australia are facing as the Government continues to cut off life-saving support services. It’s a humanitarian crisis that is unfolding on our own shores.

    For many people seeking asylum the ASRC is the only place they can seek shelter, medication and a hot meal. But demand on our services has increased beyond our capacity and we need your help now, more than ever before!

    The ASRC is funded by a community of donors and we can’t support people seeking asylum without you! Please donate to the ASRC Winter Appeal today and be the difference for people seeking asylum.

    Donate now to help people seeking asylum

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