Each Friday our principal solicitor Carolyn Graydon shares with the entire ASRC team a “weekly good news” update from the Human Rights Law Program.

This week has been a particularly hard one as we saw the Senate vote to repeal the life-saving Medevac legislation. At a time when our Government yet again showed utter contempt and disregard for the rights and lives of people seeking asylum, Carolyn’s email provides hope and reminds us that when our community of compassion comes together, eventually justice prevails.

Hi everyone,

Yes, it’s that time of the week again….good news time from the Human Rights Law Program. 

With the disheartening news out of Canberra this week I’m proud to share with you all some wins we had despite the actions of our cruel and vindictive Government.

We had a particularly sweet success this week with a positive outcome for a very young child. This win has avoided a potentially horrible situation where  all other members of her family had been granted visas, but where she faced missing out as she had to lodge a separate application, carrying the risk that she might have got a different decision. 

We also made an application for a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) for a particularly vulnerable Afghan Hazara client. Through the methodical care and detailed work of his lawyer, the visa was granted by the Department….another person with a chance for at least 5 years of protection and security in Australia. 

Through the skilled work of our team, another permanent protection visa was granted to a Nepalese woman fearing family violence in Nepal based on complementary protection grounds. Another really tough case, hard-fought and won based on the skills of the lawyer. 

We also had a win at the IAA, so rare these days, involving a female client. Again, these cases are so difficult to win. The lawyer’s skilful submission framing the cumulative claims of the client was enough to get her over the line. A heartfelt thank you and congratulations to the lawyer who really dug deep on this case and whose extra efforts and dedication paid off for our client.

We also had a young man awaiting his Federal Court judgment finally granted a bridging visa, restoring full work rights, Medicare and limited study rights. One less person in total legal abyss….. 

Thanks everyone for your support of our team, this has been a particularly difficult week for so many, but we are more determined than ever to keep fighting the good fight and holding our Government to account.

Your donations to our End of Year Appeal make these success stories possible. 

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By donating to the ASRC you put a lawyer on people’s side and give them a fighting chance to live safely here. Now, more than ever, people seeking asylum in Australia need the support of lawyers to uphold their rights and fight for justice.

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