Since 2001, the ASRC has assisted over 10,000 people seeking asylum, providing in excess of 2.5 million hours of free assistance worth more than 200 million dollars. Watch and read stories of some of the people ASRC worked with.

Video 1: Essan’s Story

Video 2: Tanya’s Story.

More Stories

  • Areva* was just 10 years old and unaccompanied when the ASRC began to assist with her case. She faced being deported, alone, back to Thailand and back to harm and exploitation. We lodged an urgent High Court application to stop her removal and after 4 years of fighting alongside her on her legal case she was granted a permanent visa enabling her to live in safety in Australia.
  • Yang* had been on a hunger strike for 28 days after almost four years in detention. His despair was so great that he had stopped eating and was days from starving himself to death. The ASRC successfully lobbied to get him an urgent legal hearing, which forced the Government to free him from detention and eventually saw him being granted a protection visa.
  • Frederick and Ruth Joseph, 83 and 81 years of age had spent ten years trapped in an immigration system that had refused them a visa and medical care when the ASRC got involved. After a year of fighting the Department of Immigration the ASRC succeeded in assisting the Josephs in obtaining a permanent visa and with it the security and medical care they had struggled so hard for.
  • Samira* was only 10 years old but had already tried to kill herself three times after three years in detention. When the ASRC was first contacted Samira was so ill she had resorted to trying to poison herself by drinking shampoo. Her younger sister and family were also deeply traumatised. The ASRC worked to convince the Immigration department to free the entire family from detention, then assisted them through the process of obtaining permanent visas. Samira and her family were then able to get on with rebuilding their lives and integrate into our community.
  • * Names have been changed

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