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Strategic plan

The ASRC’s strategic plan, 2016–2018 is our road map and vision for the welcoming Australia we want for people seeking asylum; one that is generous, compassionate, embraces the resilience, entrepreneurial spirit and potential of refugees to enable people to thrive. Our three year strategic plan centres around four core pillars; a thriving people centred organisation that invests in the potential of refugees and people seeking asylum to succeed; place their voices at the centre of our work; deliver world class services; all while striving to protect human rights and change community attitudes.

1. People seeking asylum are treated fairly and humanely with their rights respected under international human rights law.

  • Ensure people seeking asylum have access to justice.
  • Fair and just law and policy.
  • The broader community understand the issues facing people seeking asylum and support their right to seek protection from harm.
  • A global collaborative, diverse and effective movement that drives change to restore and uphold the rights of people seeking asylum.

2. People seeking asylum are valued and are able to determine and advance their own futures.

  • People seeking asylum achieve social and economic participation.
  • People seeking asylum have influence and involvement in the programs and services that impact their lives.
  • Community-based solutions to the challenges asylum seekers face.

3. People seeking asylum experience the best possible physical, mental and social well-being.

  • People seeking asylum are empowered to maximise their own physical, mental & social well-being.
  • Universal access to high-quality, essential services.
  • Demonstrably high impact programs and services that are driven by the needs of people seeking asylum.

4. A thriving people centred organisation that is financially and operationally sustainable.

  • Strong organisational infrastructure that supports accountability, efficiency and enhances capacity.
  • Diverse partnerships and income streams building long-term sustainability.