Help us build a new story of hope in Dandenong

Greater Dandenong in Victoria’s South-East is proudly Australia’s most culturally diverse region and home to the highest population of people seeking asylum in Victoria.

Yet there is no central local service that can support people seeking asylum with all of their needs.

Instead people have to visit multiple service providers to get help with things like food, housing, education, employment assistance and legal aid. This is taking a toll on peoples’ health and wellbeing and at worst, people aren’t getting the support they need and deserve.

We are building a new Dandenong Hub to better support and empower people seeking asylum in the region.

Much like a local neighbourhood village, our new Dandenong Hub will bring together multiple service organisations under the one roof, creating a one-stop-shop of support services for people seeking asylum. 

Thanks to an innovative partnership approach, the ASRC’s Dandenong Hub will be a place that people can depend upon for their daily and long-term needs, providing access to:

  • Legal advice
  • English classes and education programs
  • Foodbank and daily community meals
  • Employment support
  • Casework
  • Housing support
  • Health clinic

Our dream is to create a place that feels like home – a safe and welcoming place where people come to learn, grow, socialise and connect with their local community. 

The new Neighbourhood of Hope will transform the lives of thousands living in Dandenong but we need your support to help complete the building.

Your donation is critical to ensuring people seeking asylum have the dignity, respect and vital services they need to live independently and realise their dreams.

Hope for a better future begins with you. Please donate today.

$56 Donation


  • can help to build a brighter future by providing tables and chairs in a classroom
$110 Donation


  • can provide people seeking asylum access to daily hot meals by helping to build a kitchen
$240 Donation


  • can provide legal assistance to fight for protection and the right to stay safe
$56 Donation
can help to build a brighter future by providing tables and chairs in a classroom

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Donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible.
Funds raised by the ASRC go towards supporting the ASRC objectives across the Footscray centre and Dandenong Hub. Should funds for the Building Hope Appeal exceed the goal required to build the ASRC Dandenong Hub, funds will be used to deliver services that support and empower people, including employment, education, food, housing, legal aid and medical assistance.

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