Welcome Asylum Seekers and Refugees into our communities

Join us on our #RightTrack campaign as we work together to create a welcoming community where we are guided by our values and committed to fairness.

When any of us deal with the law, we want to know that we will have a fair chance to present our case. When people seek asylum in our community, they, like all of us, have the right to a fair and dignified process.

Our Government’s treatment of people seeking asylum is no longer fair, and does not treat people with dignity and respect. We can create a process that assesses people’s cases for asylum fairly and efficiently, and treats people with dignity and respect while they live in our communities.

Over the next 12 months, we’ll be focusing on the following:
–  Reinstating funding for legal assistance for people applying for protection visas.
–  Working towards a fair and efficient process for everyone who seeks asylum in our community, no matter how they arrived.
–  Ensure permanent, not temporary, protection for everyone
–  Putting forward ways we can assess people’s cases for asylum in a safe space while they rebuild their lives in our community – not in detention.

ASRC Community Action Workshops, running in Victoria, Brisbane and Sydney throughout 2017, will share tools, strategies and actions to achieve a sustainable shift in community attitudes and help create more welcoming and harmonious communities.

Getting on the #RightTrack is up to us.

Join the #RightTrack campaign and add your voice to the call for a fair refugee determination process that supports people seeking asylum and helps create a stronger, more inclusive community.

You can be part of the #RightTrack campaign by speaking out. Let your local MPs know that you want change. Call talkback radio or write a letter to the editor. Make your voice heard.

#RightTrack – Take Action

#RightTrack in Higgins in 2016

In the lead up to the 2016 federal election ASRC facilitated community conversations in the federal seat of Higgins. These conversations gave the Higgins community a chance to have a voice on the issues that matter to them and talk about the vision they have for people who seek asylum and the need for a fair refugee determination process.

It is clear from these conversations that there is widespread community concern about Australia’s approach to people who come here seeking asylum. People want to see real change that reflects their values and which is fair.

Read more about their values, views and vision for fair and humane alternative which have been captured in the report on #RightTrack community conversations in Higgins. You can also download the Higgins #RightTrack flyer