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We are a powerful movement that will change the policy in 2018

Thousands of people around the country, from rural Australia to the big cities, want a home here in our communities for people seeking asylum.

Why? Because the truth is new Australians enrich our cultures, help rebuild rural economies, start businesses and create jobs.

However, this out of touch Government deliberately detains men, women and children remote, health destroying camps in the Pacific, forces them into an unfair process for seeking protection, and bars them from permanent protection so they can never rebuild their lives, reunite with their families and become new Australians.

  • 30,000 people live in Australia without a permanent home nor the same legal and political rights as us
  • 12,500 people waiting for their protection applications to be processed are at risk of losing lifesaving support services due to government cuts. People are already at our doors because they have lost basic services and cannot meet their basic needs
  • 1700 people remain in offshore processing without basic medical care, shelter, legal rights or freedom

We are bigger than our government. Our community power means that the humanitarian crisis of offshore processing is challenged and fought every day, that people seeking asylum in Australia are supported by lawyers, case managers, advocates, activists and friends.

And together in 2018 all of us can get organised and get together to Change the Policy for good.

We have a plan of action. Join us now.

Current Campaigns

#Roof Over My Head

Around 12,500 people, including families with children and students are at risk of homelessness due to cuts to income support and lifesaving support services while waiting in years in asylum application process. Together let’s make sure the Prime Minister restores support.

Advocacy & Power Program

Recognizing that voices of people with a lived experience of seeking asylum are often absent from the debate, this program trains young advocates to tell their own story.


#RightTrack is a community-led movement of people having powerful conversations and taking local action to shift community attitudes and advocate for safety, fairness and freedom for people seeking asylum, resourced by the ASRC.