The ASRC’s law program provides a free legal service for people seeking asylum to navigate a system that has been designed to make them fail.

Your support will strengthen our legal team, so we can fight against our government’s abuse of power and show people the compassion they deserve.

Right now, thousands of people seeking safety and freedom in Australia are stuck in an impossible system. Escaping torture, abuse and persecution, these people are at risk of being sent back because our government says their story isn’t enough to let them stay.

Knowing they’re unlikely to survive if they are forced to return to the countries they fled, our government still doesn’t think they warrant any protection.
Help us provide desperately needed legal services for people who are stuck in an impossible system and have nowhere else to turn.

People seeking asylum in Australia deserve the right to fairness, freedom and safety. Please donate today to provide desperately needed legal support for those who have nowhere else to turn.

The truth is that what’s happening to people seeking asylum in this country is shameful. It’s gruelling. It’s harsh and it’s real. Enough is enough.
Because our legal program does not accept any federal government funding of any kind (to protect our independence) it is people like you who make it possible for us to have lawyers at the coalface fighting the good fight without fear or favour.

Last year we processed 1464 requests for legal advice. With our team of 16 lawyers and more than 200 volunteers – including law firm employees, barristers, and law students - we are doing our best. But we are overloaded with demand.

Your donation can help provide an expert legal defence for people seeking asylum, so they can access justice in a system that’s set them up to fail.
Please give generously to help strengthen our legal team to fight for fairness.

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The government is punishing people seeking asylum.

116 questions in a language that isn’t yours

no interview, no hearing

impossible deadlines

goalposts constantly moving

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