Community Engagement is a key function of advocacy and campaigns at the ASRC and incorporates the Community Education, Speakers, Youth Action Project (YAP) and Schools programs. These programs aim to effectively mobilise and organise supporters on the issue to take action and lead change around the issues faced by people seeking asylum. Community Engagements aims to do this by engaging the community and sharing insights from the Words that Work research in order to empower individuals and groups to change the conversation about people seeking asylum.

Community Education

The Community Education program aims to empower and upskill members of the community to conduct meaningful and strategic #RightTrack conversations with people in order to build a national conversation around a fairer process for people seeking asylum. This national conversation is built through local and regional community action workshops, conversation projects and engagement with an online community that are based around the principles and values-based language uncovered in the Words that Work research.

Anyone can participate in ASRC community action workshops.

Download the RightTrack Conversations resource.

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Youth Action Project

The Youth Action Project (YAP) is a community of young people under 30 taking action to support the rights of people seeking asylum and refugees in our community. It comprises an online community as well as hubs in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane who meet-up with like minded advocates, learn from and listen to people with lived experience of seeking asylum and mobilise around direction campaign actions such as the #BringThemHere and #RigthtTrack movements.


Youth and Schools

The Schools program provides young people with the opportunity to learn more about people seeking asylum. Engaging with both primary and secondary schools, speakers deliver presentations designed for students in schools, TAFEs, Scouts and Girl Guide groups across Victoria.



The Speakers program offers engaging and experienced speakers who present at groups and events in the community, in order to raise awareness about the issues faced by people seeking asylum. The program is part of the organisation’s grass roots model of community engagement and education that seeks to empower community members with the knowledge and skills to understand real issues, to mobilise and take action in order to effect change.

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