Craft a Freedom Bird 

Heidi and her children Clara, Louis and Max give you instructions on how to craft a freedom bird. 

Follow the instructions Freedom birds for folding your very own origami freedom birds. (If possible, use recycled paper, like old wrapping paper or kid’s art).

Write a message of hope, support, justice or freedom for people seeking asylum on your bird’s wings.

Fly your message to Canberra:

  1. Take a photo of your bird held in your hands, and post it to social media with these hashtags:  #FreedomBirds #SeekingHome, #SixYearsTooLong
  2. Post your birds to  Minister Peter Dutton’s office or post / hand deliver to your local MP. 
  3. Rural Australians for Refugees – take your birds with your local group to your MP and Senator’s office and ask them to wear one small bird pinned to their lapel in Parliament Chambers to show solidarity with people seeking asylum.
  4. Melbournians – bring your birds to the “6 Years Too Long” rally  on Saturday, July 20, at 2pm. Find the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre banner to drop off your birds at the rally.

We are going to Canberra on the 22 of July and will take your birds with us to leave with MPs.

Get crafting for freedom!

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