Foodbank urgently needs food donations to support over 600 people a week who are coming into our centre.

The Foodbank is a free grocery store inside the ASRC Footscray centre that provides fresh food to people seeking asylum, many are families and children.

The Foodbank is about compassion in action! That is why 90% of all the $1 million worth of food donated each year is from people like you!

With support, the ASRC currently provides:

  • groceries to over 600 people every week, many of whom are children
  • support to families who have no income at all and more than 90% of all our ASRC members are food insecure
  • essential items to make transition to a new life more comfortable
  • food in a fair and dignified way that is healthy and culturally appropriate

All donations and sponsorships over $2 are tax deductible, if you can provide a receipt.

Donate foods and goods

Please note: thanks to the incredible generosity of the community we no longer need any winter coats and blankets. Thank you so much for your contribution!

These are some practical ways you can help support families seeking asylum, who are living below the poverty line. You can:

We’d like to thank our partners including SecondBite, FareShare, Foodbank Victoria, OzHarvest, Tsuno, Let’s Feed, Pinchapoo, and many more, who help to get food and toiletries to us on a regular basis.

Material support

The ASRC provides practical, material items to people seeking asylum who are experiencing financial hardship. The program provides a variety of essential items including Myki credit, international calling cards,  mobile phones and gift cards to buy household items urgently needed.

The program also builds and maintains relationships with external agencies to ensure we have referral pathways to other organisations that can provide complementary and supplementary materials to meet our people’s needs.

You can help support refugees and asylum seekers by donating material goods

Community meals

Community meals is the heart of ASRC and the place where people seeking asylum, volunteers and staff at the centre gather each lunch time to enjoy a meal together. Hot meals are served five days a week to around 240 people, that’s over 61,250 meals a year and a 25% increase on the previous year.

There are currently 65 volunteers and an additional 35 volunteers seeking asylum who regularly work in the kitchen to help with meal preparation, sometimes cooking dishes from their home countries to share with others. On Wednesday evenings, the members-only team cook culturally traditional meals for the night-time legal clinic, Innovation Hub and health centre.

Thanks to partnerships with Kensington Neighbourhood House and Melbourne Polytechnic, our members have the opportunity to complete pre-hospitality English training, complementing their valuable cooking skills.