Medevac resettlement

Alert: Extension of deadline to 4 October to express interest in US resettlement for those granted refugee status in PNG or Nauru

If you have been found to be a refugee in Nauru or Papua New Guinea, including if you are currently in Australia, the attached information applies to you and you should read it carefully.

You need to be aware there is a final deadline of 4 October 2019 in order to register your interest in applying for resettlement to the United States.

Registering for US resettlement by 4 October 2019 does not mean that you will be forced to take up any offer to re-settle in the US. The program is voluntary

However if you do not register by 4 October then you will not have the chance to do so later and you should be aware that the US resettlement program is the only clear re-settlement option that is available to people found to be refugees in PNG or Nauru, including for those currently in Australia.

If you require advice about this information or help in registering your interest:

  • If you are living in VIC please call Refugee Legal on (03) 9413-0100 (Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm)
  • If you are living in NSW or ACT please call Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS) on (02) 83557227 (Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm)
  • If you are living in TAS, SA, WA, NT please call either Refugee Legal or Refugee Advice and Casework Services (above)

Please see the links below for further information from the above organisations about where to get help, and separate information sheets from the US resettlement authority, including a link for information about family reunion from the US, and information from the Department of Home Affairs.

Get other help

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) can support people seeking asylum who live in or around Melbourne, Victoria and who are in the process of, or waiting to apply for a protection visa in Australia.

People seeking asylum may be eligible to become a member of the ASRC. You will need to become an ASRC member to access our services. To find out how the ASRC can support you, visit ASRC Footscray (upstairs) at 214-218 Nicholson Street, Footscray, between 10am and 5pm on Monday to Friday. For more information please call 03 9326 6066.

There are limited services available at ASRC Dandenong. If you live near Dandenong and would like to access English classes or support to find employment, visit 179 Lonsdale Street in Dandenong between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Thursday. For more information please call 03 8772 1380.

ASRC services


The ASRC can provide weekly food and groceries for you and your family at the ASRC Foodbank in Footscray. Members are provided with lunch at 12:30pm on Monday to Friday, and Wednesday evening, for all members of the ASRC in the Footscray centre.


Members may be eligible to access the ASRC Health Clinic at the Footscray centre for free, and do not need Medicare. The Health Clinic offers primary health services including: general practitioner (GP) and nursing consultations; physiotherapy; psychiatry; diabetes screening and management; pharmacy waivers to access free medication; as well as immunisations to protect you from infectious disease. The Health Clinic may also refer you to external health services including maternal and child health, dental, pathology, radiology and optometry services which you can access free of charge.

If there is a medical emergency go straight to the Emergency Department of your nearest public hospital or call an ambulance on 000. In Victoria, hospital emergency services and ambulance are free of charge for people seeking asylum.

Legal aid

The ASRC Human Rights Law Program can offer free legal advice and assistance to people seeking asylum who cannot afford a private lawyer and have no access to government funded legal advice.

You may be able to access legal advice in person at ASRC Footscray from 9:45am Tuesday and Friday, or via phone by calling 03 9274 9827 on Monday and Thursday from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.

For more information on the types of legal services the ASRC provides, visit

Employment support

The ASRC can support you to find work in Australia. Our Employment Program offers help to prepare your CV or resume, understand the best ways to look for work, succeed at interviews, find short and long term employment, and gain access to support and professional mentoring to help you succeed on the job and build your career in Australia. These services are available at ASRC Footscray and ASRC Dandenong.

Learn English

The ASRC offers English classes for all levels from beginner to intermediate in the mornings and afternoons at ASRC Footscray and ASRC Dandenong. You can also access IELTS preparation classes and English tutoring at home for those who meet eligibility for this service.

Study and training

If you hold a Bridging Visa E, Temporary Protection Visa or Safe Haven Enterprise Visa ASRC can refer you to a TAFE, Learn Local or Private Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for training in Victorian State government-subsidised, accredited Certificate courses.

You can make an appointment to learn how you can access this opportunity at the Footscray Innovation Hub or the Dandenong office. Please call or email

Support for people in detention

The ASRC offers casework and advocacy for people in immigration detention in Australia (including Christmas Island), Nauru and Manus Island. If you require support for yourself or someone you know who is in immigration detention, please contact us at or call 03 9326 6066.

Casework and counselling

You may be able to access a caseworker at the ASRC who can advocate for your welfare and refer you to internal and external services in the community. The ASRC also offers counselling and mental health support for people experiencing grief, trauma and loss.

Sports and recreation

The ASRC runs a number of sports, arts and recreation programs that connect people seeking asylum from all social and cultural backgrounds. There are also special programs for youth and women. As part of these programs, members can join groups and activities like soccer, swimming, playing and learning music and social outings for parents and children.