ASRC schools program visit

Schools program

Our specialised ASRC Schools program provides young people with the opportunity to have further insight into the issues people face when seeking asylum. The focused presentation aims to educate, engage and empower young people, teachers and even schools to advocate for the rights of people seeking asylum in Australia, which is key to creating social change.

The Schools program delivers highly engaging and specified presentations to primary and secondary school students as well as TAFEs, Universities, Scouts and Girl Guides. In 2017 our volunteer speakers delivered presentations to over 7785 young people.

How it works

The program provides the specific youth organisation with a highly skilled and trained speaker, a specialized visual presentation and optional follow up workshops, all tailored to the interests of students in primary, secondary and post-secondary levels on social justice and human rights issues impacting people seeking asylum in Australia. We work with teachers and students in a positive and professional environment to explore and discuss complex issues such as the refugee determination process, why and how people can seek asylum, and the work of the ASRC.

Our celebrated ASRC Schools program can be tailored to support a range of curriculum areas such as VCE Legal Studies, Politics, Geography, History and Humanities, including study units of Civics and Citizenships, Immigration, Social Change, as well as Analysing Argument, Reading and Comparing Texts and Creating Texts within VCE Units 1- 4 English and EAL.

Our Presentation

The Schools engaging presentation provide young people with the opportunity to learn more about the journey of people seeking asylum, aiming to foster understanding and further insight into the multifaceted issues faced by these people and their rights to seek safety in Australia.

An accomplished speaker can be arranged to come to your school to speak to a class or assembly. In order to fulfil your school’s request we require a minimum of four weeks notice for any booking. Schools are also able to book groups of 25-30 students into the ASRC at Footscray for a presentation. Preparation information will be given to teachers regarding behaviour expectations when touring through this operational workplace dedicated to our members.

For all presentations, we require that one teacher per 30 students is present to manage student behaviour. We value the work our volunteers put into their preparations and travelling to various locations, and hence like to make logistics as easy for them as possible. The liaison person organising an ASRC Schools presentation is expected to provide the direct contact of the teacher delivering the class, so we can confirm correct rooms/times etc. beforehand.

Presentations last one hour, however, can be flexible depending on class requirements.

Advocacy Workshops

The goal of our Advocacy workshop is to equip students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to become advocates on the issues pertaining to people seeking asylum. These workshops facilitate young people in finding their voice for advocacy; by developing plans and creating pathways to put their ideas into strategic effective action. These workshops are ideal for social justice groups, leadership camps, SRC representatives and passionate students who want to drive further action in their school or community.

Our aim is to facilitate student centred leadership. It is thus not necessary for teachers to be wholly present; however, teachers are more than welcome to attend. Our Advocacy workshops are best with smaller groups of students (no more than 30). Workshops run for 2 hours if students have had a prior presentation with the ASRC, or 3 hours if they have not. We are flexible in catering to any groups’ time constraints, which can be assessed on a case by case basis i.e. after school sessions or a series of multiple visits within lunchtimes, or within extracurricular ‘activity’ timeslots.
We are able to come to your school or facilitate the program at the ASRC in Footscray.


Where do the presentations take place?

Schools can bring groups of 25-30 students into the ASRC in Footscray for a presentation. If teachers would like to bring a larger group, we suggest splitting the group and including a walk around multicultural and diverse Footscray.

Our speakers are able to come to your school whether it is a classroom or assembly. We do request that you have a whiteboard and a computer or laptop connected to audio visual equipment.

How do I request a speaker?

To book a school group to visit the ASRC in Footscray or to request a speaker to present at your school, please complete the Presentation request formYou will need to complete a separate form for each presentation request. This will need to be sent through at least 4 weeks prior to the requested date.

To book an advocacy workshop please email with the subject line ‘Advocacy Workshop Request’.

Availability of speakers

Presentations can be booked for any day in the school term.
Bookings at ASRC Footscray start after 10:45 am. Sessions generally last 1 hour, although this may be modified to suit the needs of the group.

Who are the presenters?

Our engaging presenters are accomplished and experienced volunteers, many of whom are current or former teachers. All presenters are knowledgeable about the issues people seeking asylum face, and are skilled at working with student groups and responding to curriculum.

All staff and volunteers have a current Working with Children’s Check.

Unfortunately, for legal and privacy reasons, it is difficult for people within the process of seeking asylum to present themselves at schools. We do our best however, to intersperse the presentation with relevant videos and true stories from people with lived experience who have sought asylum.

Who can attend the presentations?

All members of the school community are welcome to attend – students, teachers, parents and other community members.

Is there a cost for presentations?

The ASRC is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that operates free of Federal government funding. It therefore relies almost entirely on donations from the community as well as philanthropy to fund its programs. We therefore require a donation in lieu of a speakers’ fee. To continue in advancing our wide range of valuable and effective ASRC programs, we expect $2 per student at a Government school & $5 per student at an independent school.

Food drives can also be organised in lieu of financial donations. Please reference the ASRC website to find out what urgent food and essential items are needed for our Food and Material aid program.

Advocacy Workshop: $300

We will never refuse a school based on the inability to pay. If your school is unable to afford a fee, please let us know when you request a presentation.



“Our students loved their visit to the ASRC and found it hugely beneficial. Gezza’s presentation was engaging, informative and provided opportunities for students to link theory from class into practice. Thank you so much for allowing us to visit your amazing organisation” – Marie


“The visit gave the children a great insight as to where their food and living essentials donations were going, and how they will be used. The children are sharing their learning with the school community and their parents” – Jane


“Jenn was exceptional; she clearly had experience in presenting to primary students! The information was clear, the students were engaged and she made sure to include our current focus of ‘charity’ and ‘volunteering’.” – Sophie


“Thanks Rosie for coming out and speaking to our students. They learnt a lot about refugees and how ASRC works. The students loved the presentation and would have actually loved it to go on for longer. Thank-you for a fantastic and motivational talk” – Lisa