Refugees in Detention COVID-19

Refugees in Detention: COVID-19 FAQs

There are approximately 1,400 people being held within detention facilities across Australia and around 200 people held in Alternative Places of Detention (APODs).

What are the risks of COVID-19 to refugees in detention centres?

Peter Dutton

Sign the petition

Sign the petition and call on politicians to block Dutton’s latest push to confiscate mobile phones. These phones are a lifeline for refugees and people seeking asylum and shine a light on what’s really going on inside.

Anne Ruston

Email Senator Ruston

Email Senator Anne Ruston today to incude all people seeking asylum and refugees in COVID19 safety nets so they can survive the crisis. 


Alan Tudge

Call Alan Tudge MP

Call Acting Minister for Immigration Alan Tudge today to ask him to release people seeking asylum from detention so they can be safe.


Become a Leader of the Refugee Community CAPP 2020

Apply to CAPP 2020

The ASRC is looking for the next generation of leaders with lived experience of seeking asylum to take part in the Community, Advocacy and Power Program 2020. Get equipped with the leadership skills necessary to become a powerful advocate for the refugee community.


RightTrack is a community-led grassroots movement of people focused on refugee justice. We are having powerful conversations and taking local action to shift community attitudes for people seeking asylum.


Breakthrough Conversations

Breakthrough Conversations is a groundbreaking new project that trains people with research-based messaging principles and proven conversational tools on how to change the hearts and minds of people who are conflicted about asylum policy.

Book an ASRC Speaker

Book a speaker

Book powerful speakers from refugee backgrounds to speak at your event. Advocates that are leading the discussion on human rights, multiculturalism and refugee issues.

ASRC Voices of Freedom

Voices of Freedom

A digital space that puts lived experience front and centre. Articles, art and multimedia produced wholly by people from refugee backgrounds. Celebrate our voice for freedom!