Freedom birds held in front of Parliament House

Craft hope with a freedom bird

Stand with Australia’s leading doctors and peak medical bodies, and craft as freedom bird, write a message in support of #SaveMedevac on the wings and fly it to Parliament.

Doctors and Australia’s peak medical bodies are fighting back against the Morrison Government – who wants to tear down lifesaving Medevac legislation and take away doctors ability to give proper medical treatment to people detained offshore.

Current campaigns

female hospital ward on Nauru

Save Medevac

Eleven peak medical bodies have called on the Govt not to repeal Medevac so vulnerable people get proper medical care. Can you stand with Australia’s leading doctors and peak medical bodies, and sign the petition to #SaveMedevac?

Rally outside Parliament

Fixing the asylum process

Australia’s asylum assessment system is broken. The process lacks basic legal safeguards to ensure fairness and correct decision outcomes. For more than eight years, people have been trapped in the process without a home or a future with their families.  

SRSS hero banner

Safety net cut off

Government cuts are putting people seeking asylum at risk of homelessness –. Help us restore the safety net. SRSS is a safety net for vulnerable people seeking asylum who are excluded from mainstream support services.

Book a powerful speaker

Book powerful speakers from refugee backgrounds to speak at your event. Advocates that are leading the discussion on human rights, multiculturalism and refugee issues.

Voices for Freedom

A digital space that puts lived experience front and centre. Articles, art and multimedia produced wholly by people from refugee backgrounds. Celebrate our voice for freedom!