Change The Policy Action Workshops

People seeking asylum are some of the most vulnerable on earth and things have never been worse for them at the hands of the Australian government.

A federal election is expected between September and March.  The next six months are an important time to come together to take powerful and effective action to #ChangeThePolicy.

The ASRC campaigns team invites you to our place in Footscray in person or via livestream for four interactive workshops to:

  • Hear the latest from ASRC experts and people from refugee backgrounds on  asylum policy, process and impacts.
  • Take one action together at each workshop to #ChangeThePolicy.

Campaigning for asylum in the Federal Election

Campaigns Manager, Marcella Brassett on digital organising and changing the narrative with collaborative community action for #RoofOverMyHead and #ChangeThePolicy campaigns.

Akuol Garang and John Gulzari on including multicultural communities in election campaigns.

This workshop will be combined with Shifting Attitudes and Lobbying MPs, with Semele and Zoe from Greater Geelong Youth with Refugees sharing their advocacy insights and experience.

It will involve presentations from Community Engagement Manager, Gayle Carr, on the power of meaningful conversations and hosting #RightTrack sessions in your community.