Stand in solidarity with people seeking
asylum this holiday season.

Add your voice to this open letter.

I have never met you – but we, the Australian public see you and we hear you.

You deserve safety and freedom. But I know today will be another day you are incarcerated and indefinitely detained merely for seeking protection.

I cannot begin to imagine the personal toll detention has had on you. You’ve already endured so much, just to be safe.

No family deserves to be torn apart – no child or parent to be separated from their loved ones.

Our government continues to abuse you, degrade your dignity and deprive you of hope. This is not fair and I do not accept this. Like all of us, you deserve certainty of your future.

You are not forgotten.

I sign this letter today to say……

I continue to be a voice for you, to fight for your freedom, safety and the end of indefinite mandatory detention.

I apologise for the pain and suffering inflicted on you by the Australian Government.

I demand that you be allowed to be reunited with your family and live in safety.

I stand with you in solidarity.

Yours sincerely,
Kon Karapanagiotidis
CEO, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre


Missy Higgins

Tamie Fraser

John Butler

The Cat Empire

Mark Seymour

Courtney Barnett

Arnold Zable

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