This information explains how to get help with your application to stay in Australia as a refugee if you came by boat between 13 August 2012 and 31 December 2013. If you arrived between these dates, your case will be processed under the Fast Track process.

Under the Fast Track process, you can only apply for a Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) or a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV). The Fast Track process is complicated and you should get help from a lawyer before you lodge your application or send any documents to the Department of Immigration.

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) provides free, expert immigration advice and assistance to people seeking asylum who live in Victoria. The ASRC has a team of lawyers and volunteers who will help you with your TPV or SHEV application.

To get legal assistance with your TPV or SHEV application from the ASRC, the process is explained below:

1. Triage

Drop in to ASRC on a weekday from 11am, or call (03) 9274 9827 on Mondays or Thursdays between 2pm and 4pm. ASRC will take a copy of your invitation letter, and help you to complete a request for your documents under Freedom of Information (FOI).   When you get your FOI drop it back into the ASRC.

2. Workshop

You will then get booked into an ASRC pre-clinic workshop. A workshop is a small group appointment in your own language. We will give you information about the Fast Track process, the difference between a TPV and a SHEV, and tell you about information and documents which you will need to bring to your ASRC clinic appointment.

3. Clinic

The ASRC will call you and tell you when we have booked you into one of our legal clinics. This  may be several months after your workshop. During the clinic we will help you with all the forms needed by the Department, and also a detailed statement about your refugee claims. We will lodge your application with the Department.

4. Interview

The Department will send a letter asking you to attend an interview, which is an important opportunity for you to tell your story to a case officer. When you get your interview letter, come back to ASRC. The ASRC will tell you if they can represent you at your interview, and give you advice about what to expect at your interview.

5. Decision

The Department will then make a decision on your TPV/SHEV application. If you are successful you will be granted a TPV or SHEV. If you are refused, you should come back to the ASRC quickly, because there are short time limits for your appeal.

You can get help from the ASRC legal program by calling (03) 9274 9827 on Mondays or Thursdays between 2pm and 4pm, or coming in person to 214 – 218 Nicholson Street, Footscray weekdays from 11am.

 View a PDF version of this Infosheet: ASRC Infosheet – Getting help with your Fast Track visa application.pdf

Last updated May 2106