Lives are at risk, help save them

Prolonged time in offshore detention is taking a significant toll on the physical and mental well-being of already sick refugees and people seeking asylum held in Nauru and Papua New Guinea.

Under Medevac critically ill refugees in these offshore detention centres now have a pathway to receive urgent medical treatment in Australia.

In short, Medevac is saving lives. But our funding to help facilitate these urgent medical transfers (working with doctors, lawyers and advocates as part of the Medical Evacuation Response Group) is about to run out.

The situation for those left behind is desperate and inhumane, with many people detained for more than 6 years despite serious mental health deterioration and critical health concerns such as organ failure, blindness, cancer and preventable illnesses.

Medevac caseworker refugee asylum seeker

The ASRC has launched an EMERGENCY APPEAL to help make urgent medical transfers a possibility for sick refugees in Nauru and Papua New Guinea. Your donation funds our team of 7 dedicated staff to help manage the complex Medevac application process.

There has never been a more important time to donate.

Access to medical care is a basic human right and we can’t turn our backs on those who need care the most.

Donate NOW because lives are at risk and Medevac can save them.

$45 Donation


  • can help pay for the ongoing cost of triage staff staying connected with sick refugees through phone
$135 Donation


  • can help fund frontline staff to manage the process and provide critical care
$350 Donation


  • can help fund triage staff to collate and manage important medical and legal documents
$45 Donation
can help pay for the ongoing cost of triage staff staying connected with sick refugees through phone

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DISCLAIMER: The ASRC’s Medevac Emergency Appeal is raising funds to support our Detention Advocacy Program.  Once our fundraising goal has been reached, any surplus donations will be directed toward the ASRC’s area of greatest and most critical need.