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Refugees and asylum seekers have been abandoned by our government.

The Government’s series of heartless policies are robbing vulnerable people seeking asylum from a safety net. Tens of thousands of people, including pregnant mothers and families with school age children are being cut from a basic living allowance (just $247 a week or 89% of Newstart), denied casework support and access to torture and trauma counselling.

This is an unfolding humanitarian crisis. It’s threatening the ability for people, including children, to survive.

Families are presenting homeless

Without a safety net like income support, the ASRC is seeing increased numbers presenting at our doors unable to afford rent and struggling to support their family.

Thousands cut from Medicare

Thousand of people including pregnant mothers are being cut from access to Medicare, while also being denied income support. The ASRC Health Clinic are overwhelmed with requests for health services and medicines.

Children are going hungry

90% of people will run of out food this week and cannot afford to buy more. Families with children are at serious risk of hunger. The ASRC Foodbank already feeds 700 people each week but the the demand on our doorstop has reached crisis point.

We need your help to provide a lifeline to the thousands at risk of destitution.
Please give generously today.

$38 Donation


  • can fund an appointment with a detention advocacy caseworker
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  • can provide an interpreter, critical to progressing a person's application for safety
$235 Donation


  • can maintain pressure on politicians to create real policy change for people seeking asylum
$38 Donation
can fund an appointment with a detention advocacy caseworker

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Donate over the phone by calling 1300 692 772 (1300 MYASRC)

How your donation helps

father and son

A family left homeless

Mohammad first applied for protection in 2009. During the primary stages of his refugee determination process he experienced high levels of depression and anxiety. Now Mohammad, his pregnant wife and two young children are facing homelessness after being cut from lifesaving income support.

ASRC community meals

Feeding the community

Over 90% of all people seeking asylum in Australia run out of food each week with no money to buy more. Everyday the ASRC Food Program is seeing more and more vulnerable people come through the doors who have no income, no work rights and no where to turn to. See what the Food Program means to our community

mother at ASRC

Facing the health crisis

For Yasmin* facing her second pregnancy without any income or Medicare was terrifying. She couldn’t get scans, blood test and was struggling with family violence as a result of all the stress. With the help of the ASRC Yasmin finally found support. Unfortunately, her story is one of thousands.

Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. Funds raised by the ASRC are used to advocate for, support and empower over 4,600 people seeking asylum and refugees each year with the provision of support, food, housing, material aid, medical assistance, legal aid, counselling and employment services.

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